Classic Park Brew™ proudly celebrates one of the most cherished and admired relationships in American history. Sports and Beer.

Ballparks That Started it All

Today, just about all of the old 20th century ballparks are torn down, a vanished luminescence. Regardless, vivid memories do remain. The sport of baseball and ice cold beer are linked together. The founder of Classic Park Brew™ is a home brewer and lifelong baseball fan, who makes beer on a small scale. To represent the combination of the beer and the long gone stadiums, a descriptive, commemorative beverage coaster of each ballpark is being released, similar to a baseball card collectible.

Beer and the Brotherhood of Sports

Rarely has there been an inning passed without a hot dog, roasted peanuts or a nice cold brew. Staples at almost every ballpark across the country and long withstanding the test of time even over decades of this American tradition. But beer brewing extends beyond it’s heavenly match with sports. It’s a time honored craft that has found a veritable renaissance this past decade throughout the industry with new craft recipes, profiles and consequently, new audiences. This hoppy resurgence is no more prevalent than right here in Southern California – where breweries are launching massive families of beer to the masses through tasting halls, gastro pubs and tap kitchens. San Diego, a place deservedly fitting to celebrate the legacy of the craft beer movement as well as the sports venues that relied on it’s spirits with this commemorative line of classic stadium coasters.


History Lessons, One Pour at a Time

These coasters have details about the ballparks, such as years of opening, closing, demolition, current use, etc. They also include color photos of the ballparks in their heyday or after demolition. Back sides present color photos of remaining artifacts and the aftermath of demolition. Most show bricks, with other pieces from the stadiums, like seats, or infield grass & dirt. They represent the remaining spirit of the ballparks.